How To Script a basic Tank

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   What Tools Will You Need?  Each of the following tools you'll need, and they're available from the MAD TA  Download Page!            1. Scriptor V1.00 (do not use ANY other compiler). 2. Marcosoft's Lazy Scripter. 3. 3DO Builder. 4. HPI View/Hpi Pack or HPI Manager The next thing I want to say is that I won't answer any queries by email. If you have a problem, post it at that way other people with the same problem can find a solution :-) I have included a unit with this tutorial that I'd like to release at MAD TA some day. Everything is finished except the script. So. .. I challenge you to do it for me. For a bit of fun, the first person who sends me this unit with the script working flawlessly can have the pleasure of naming this weapon of war, and they will of course get the credit for scripting it (10 mins of fame - Gotta be worth it ;-) ). You'll find the unit in the Tutorial Challenge folder, and a pic along with side this file. Before I forget, you will need the MAD Stuff file from the top of our units section to see all of the textures correctly. The first thing to cover before you start scripting is object origins. These are little points about which an object will rotate. In 3DO Builder, you can see where an object origin lies by selecting the object, and looking for a blue dot. See it? Now, if you're scripting a tank, you have to make sure that some object origins are in the right place. Take a look at your turret. Where is the object origin? It should be at the center of the turret, preferably at the same height as the barrel(s). If it isn't here, then move the turret around, and use the "Set Current Position as Object Origin" function until you get it right (it won't take you long to see how this works). Once you have your origin in the right place, move your turret back to it's original place. It's important that you do NOT click on "Use Current Position as Object Origin" again, or you will have to start over. Now what about the barrels? If you want them to be able to turn up and down, the object origin has to be at the position where the barrel joins onto the turret. Imagine your barrel turning up and down around this point. Is it going to cause a problem? Or will it be fine. To help you decide, take a look at some of Cavedog's tank models (always refer to the old trusty when unsure) Now you're happy with your object origins (if you're not, don't worry, you'll soon find out if they're ok once the thing's scripted), we'll cover a few basic unwritten rules for scripting (say these every night aloud before going to sleep): Rule #1: Lazyness is happiness. If you can find an easy way around a problem that you know will work, take it! Rule #2: Don't trust anyone elses scripting! It doesn't matter who wrote it, there's no guarantee it's
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How To Script a basic Tank - ?'llneed,andthey' DownloadPage...

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