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Kaplan Essay Method

Kaplan Essay Method - because…" III Write[18 minutes...

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The Kaplan Method In A Nutshell I. Brainstorm [5 minutes] Read the prompt without bias. You could argue for either candidate effectively. Paraphrase the bulleted criteria, and think about other issues the Decision-Maker ought to consider. Think through the pros and cons of each candidate. Pick the candidate that will be easier to support, and call it "the Winner." II. Plan [5 minutes] Jot down the points you want to make, then number them. Pre-write your opening sentence on your scratch paper: "So-and-so should choose X
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Unformatted text preview: because…" III. Write [18 minutes] • In Paragraph One, argue the virtues of your Winner, starting with the strongest. Be sure you tell what the facts mean and use appropriate Keywords. • Acknowledge, and paper over, any weaknesses of the Winner. • In Paragraph Two, acknowledge any strengths of the Loser but argue why it's inferior. • End by going back to the Winner, or by just ending. IV. Proofread [2 minutes] • Keep it neat....
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