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Kaplan Essay Method - because" III. Write [18...

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The Kaplan Method In A Nutshell I. Brainstorm [5 minutes] Read the prompt without bias. You could argue for either candidate effectively. Paraphrase the bulleted criteria, and think about other issues the Decision-Maker ought to consider. Think through the pros and cons of each candidate. Pick the candidate that will be easier to support, and call it "the Winner." II. Plan [5 minutes] Jot down the points you want to make, then number them. Pre-write your opening sentence on your scratch paper: "So-and-so should choose X
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Unformatted text preview: because" III. Write [18 minutes] In Paragraph One, argue the virtues of your Winner, starting with the strongest. Be sure you tell what the facts mean and use appropriate Keywords. Acknowledge, and paper over, any weaknesses of the Winner. In Paragraph Two, acknowledge any strengths of the Loser but argue why it's inferior. End by going back to the Winner, or by just ending. IV. Proofread [2 minutes] Keep it neat....
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