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Katherine Somefun.docx ph - because pH measure the degree...

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Katherine Somefun General Biology Lab II March 3, 2007 Teacher Assistant Owen pH Lab Assignment Introduction pH is the measurement of acidity, concentration of H+ ions, of a solution. Solutions that result with a pH that is less than 7 are considered acidic while those that are greater than 7 are considered basic. If the pH is equal to 7 the pH is defined as being neutral. Acidic solutions contain an abundance of H+ ions and basic solutions contain more OH- ions. There are multiple ways of measuring the pH of an aqueous solution which includes the use of pH paper test strips which change colors once dipped in a solution and correspond with the colors on a pH scale. This as well as many other methods aid in determining the pH of substances. Hypothesis For this pH lab I measured the pH of orange juice and rubbing alcohol. I believe that the orange juice will produce an acidic result because it contains citrus that is compromised of citric acid. Oranges contain a considerably high concentration of citric acid. The pH of the rubbing alcohol will be neutral
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Unformatted text preview: because pH measure the degree of disassociation of acids and bases and since alcohol does not disassociate it will have no free OH- or H+ ions to measure. Results The pH of the orange juice was 4 and the pH of the rubbing alcohol was 7. pH = -log H+ H+ = 10 ^ -pH H+ of orange juice = 10^ -4 = .0001 H+ of Rubbing alcohol = 10^ -7 = .0000001 Discussion As I hypothesized I believe I got these results due to what these solutions contained and how they reacted in aqueous solutions. The orange juice due to its high concentration of citric acid would yield a reading of an acid on the pH scale. The rubbing alcohol due to its interactions within aqueous solutions and its inability to dissociate, unlike other acids and bases, resulted in a neutral pH reading. The disassociation is very important in determining pH of a solution because it allows there to be free floating H+ ions and OH- ions....
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Katherine Somefun.docx ph - because pH measure the degree...

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