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Lyrics & Credits - Coordinates EP I Like Where I...

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Coordinates EP – I Like Where I Live Hello Glasgow I don't know my way In one hundred cities You'll never believe my lonely words The daylight wasn't wasted I hope you get home safely love The night draws in The heart-ache begins Why you worrying Coordinates We could get lost We might blow down And tell me how we'll get around The weathers cold in December time So let's wind down, and get our bearings right We're Fading We're Fading We're Fading Let's go a million miles We've come so far Look where we are Further on In good time Let's share our thoughts, yours with mine Find our way in dim city lights Let's spend our time leading other lives You Took Photographs I'm so sad I got you wrong You took photographs now they're gone Goodbye, I guess it's really the end Here we are again And yes I'll miss you for a while But soon I'll forget your face and your smile I'll wave you off and wish you well You remind me of myself You take your time With moments designed With in mind The theater stage, the long-wave, the spotlight At Sea With The Microcat
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Lyrics & Credits - Coordinates EP I Like Where I...

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