migliore-musso history

migliore-musso history - MIGLIORE/MUSSO FAMILY...

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HISTORY (Revised - January, 2003) INTRODUCTION The following information was researched and compiled from family records, vital records as well as family recollections. It is deemed to be as accurate as possible in depicting the evolution of these families as well as their descendants. It should be noted that this revision contains substantial information, previously not included, that was furnished by the families of Reverend Salvatore Migliore and Dr. Anthony D. Migliore. This information is very detailed and extensive and provides invaluable insight to family members and events not previously included. Because of their meaningfulness and relativity, many of these segments have, therefore, been incorporated in their original text. So as to best preserve the original content and intent, no substantive attempt was made trying to paraphrase or restate this information other than noting exact dates when the originator may not been certain on such information. In these situations, all such entries and comments have been included [in brackets]. It should be noted that all chronicle information has been verified from valid sources such as vital records, historical documents, etc. A glossary is included at the end of this document to substantiate as well as possible the information contained. Where evidence is lacking or conjecture has been used, there will always be an indication as such in the commentary. It is important to keep in mind when reviewing the information contained that this process, although intended to be as objective as possible, nevertheless, probably contains some degree of subjectivity, exaggeration and/or, possibly, error. It should be further noted that while the intent of this process is to provide an accurate a depiction as possible of our family history, it is, therefore, encouraged by those present as well as future family members who may use this document to make any corrections, additions, contentions, etc. as they feel necessary and communicate those results back to other family members. It is further suggested that regardless of one’s interest level, that these results be shared with other family members as well as preserved and passed to future generations who may have an interest as to how they might have ascended into this world or learn more about some of those individuals who proceeded them in life. While it was the initial intent of this research to track family to include current members, because of the physical capacity and complexity of such a project, it was decided to go only as far into the present to include the immediate descendants of Filippo Migliore and Antonino Musso. There will be times when this guideline has been extended but only in a few instances. Nevertheless, the information contained should be adequate for all family members who use it to provide a direct track into the past. However, the primary intent of this endeavor is to follow the family line as far back as possible so that we can all learn more about where and how we might have originated and how we got to be who we are. 1
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migliore-musso history - MIGLIORE/MUSSO FAMILY...

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