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PEDIGREE – IV SALVATORE MUSSO LINE - HIS ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS Giuseppe Musso Anna Migliore B. ? , 1797(B) B. ? , 1798(B) D. ? , D. ? Married (?) Maria Grazia Musso Salvatore Musso Leonarda Musso B. Oct. 5, 1838(B) B. Dec. 24, 1831(B) B. Mar. 29, 1829(B) D. ? D. ? , 1917(Vineland, NJ) D. ? Married –1858(?) Emma Sumners B. May 22, 1833 D. ? , 1919 Eugenie Sumners Anthony Musso Anna Ida Musso Lena Musso Frederick Musso B. ? , 1861-62 B. ? , 1864 B. ? , 1867 B. ? ,1869 B. ? , 1864 D. ? D. ? D. ? D. Nov.19, 1914 D. ? Vineland, NJ Married (?) Married (?) Married (?) Henrietta Manne John Keyser George E. Stevenson B. ? , 1866 Ger. B. ? B. ? , 1867 D. ? D. ? D. ? Anna J. Stevenson John Shaw Stevenson George Salvatore Stevenson B. ? , 1867(Phil) B. ? , 1889(Phil. PA) B. Oct. 5, 1892 (Phil. PA) D. ? D. ? , 1926 D. ? ( Red Bank, NJ) Married (?) Amy Llewlyn Paterson B. ? D. ? (Three Unknown Descendants) PED IV -1
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COMMENTARY: Salvatore Musso was born in Borgetto in 1831, the son of Giuseppe Musso and Anna Migliore. Based on family records, he was the brother of Maria Grazia and Leonarda Musso. As we will learn later, it was Salvatore Musso who was instrumental in helping both Antonino Musso and Filippo Migliore coming to Vineland and, subsequently, to establish their homesteads. It is believed that there were other siblings to this family, in particular, another son. According to details left by the Rev. Salvatore Migliore…. The Mussos lived in Borgetto. Grazia Musso Migliore, our grandmother, was a sister to Salvatore (Turridu) Musso. A brother of these two had a grocery store in Borgetto and I visited with mother that store at least once. A son of that Musso…. worked as a clerk in the City Hall of Partinico. Several times during the year he used to stop by our house. This man used to pay the taxes for our parents, but mother used to give him the money. The Mussos were small parents or tradesmen. Salvatore Musso learned his trade as a barber in Borgetto. As a young man [he] established himself as a barber in Palermo—14 miles away----While plying his trade in Palermo he made a good impression on a Sicilian Exporter of cheese, olive oil, oranges, and other Italian products. This exporter wanted to establish trade with the United States and needed someone whom he could trust. So he convinced Salvatore Musso to go along with him on an exporting mission to the United States…. They sailed on a merchant ship which took them two months and finally landed in the Harbor of Philadelphia. How well the undertaking succeeded I do not know. But Salvatore Musso, once in America decided to stay…opened a barbershop in Philadelphia and was doing well.
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