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PEDIGREE – I INCEPTION TO SALVATORE MIGLIORE/ MARIA GRAZIA MUSSO MARRIAGE Don Filippo Migliore Donna Caterina Vicari B. ? , Borgetto B. ? , Borgetto D. ? D. ? . Married (?) Angela Migliore Antonino Migliore Vincenzo di Paolo Marianna Bullaro B. ? , 1776, Borgetto B. ? , 1776, Borgetto B. ?, 1784 B. ? D. ? D. May 21, 1862, Borgetto D. ? D. ? . O. Civile Married (?) Married (?) Maddalena, Migliore Filippo Migliore Celidonia di Paolo B. ? , 1805, Borgetto B. ? , 1806, Borgetto B. ? , 1812, Borgetto D. ? , D. May 21, 1862, Borgetto D. Apr. 5, 1868, Borgetto O. Civile Married Jan. 7, 1830 Married Maestro Vito Mussomeci Feb. 14, 1828 Antonino Migliore Vincenzo Migliore Salvatore Migliore Vito Migliore Angela Migliore B. Sept. 11, 1829(B) B. Dec. 30,1833, (B) B. Sept 14, 1835 (B) B. Mar. 16,1841(B) B. Jan.13, 1842 D. ? D. ? D. Apr 23, 1874 (M) D. ? D. ? O. Shepherd Married Married Married Married Married Oct. 28, 1856 (?) 1858? (?) Feb. 14, 1875 Anna Salvia Maria Valenza Maria Grazia Musso Francesca Salvatore (See Pedigree II) Giallambarda Migliore Note: The following births of marriages: Vincenzo Migliore / Maria Valenza – Daughter Celidonia – Born: May 27, 1865 Died: July 13, 1871 (6yrs) Vito Migliore/ Francesca Giallambarda – Daughter Celidonia – Born: August 22, 1874 Died: (?) PED I - 1
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COMMENTARY: The Migliore side of the family can be directly traced back to the mid-1700s with the marriage of Don Filippo Migliore and Donna Caterina Vicari. This information was extracted from the Death Certificate of their son, Antonino Migliore, who was born in 1772. The certificate, unfortunately, provided only their names. Based on 1715 Census (Riveli) data it is believed both Don Filippo and Donna Caterina may likely be the first members of their families to have actually been born in Borgetto, as there is evidence that both families were already established in the region by that date. We do know that the area was sparsely populated before the establishment of the first church, Santa Maria Maddelena, in Borgetto around 1710. The ancestors of both Filippo Migliore and Celidonia di Paola were extracted from their Marriage Records. Here, it was fortunate to have been able to extract additional information since these individuals were still living at the time the marriage was consummated. Ironically, Italian Civil Records do not usually record specific information for family members that have died other than to note “defuncto.” As such, the age of the mother of Celidonia is not listed as she already had died prior to the wedding. Celidonia was presented for marriage by her maternal grandfather and was only 15 years old at the time. NOTE: You will see (?) on some items on the Pedigrees. This means that the exact date, place, etc. has not yet been ascertained. In fact, other than for direct line descendants you will often see this notation, as particular effort was not necessarily made in this regard. Also, the (B) means the event took place in Borgetto, (M) in Milan or (P) in Partinico where space to indicate the complete name of the location was
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