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PEDIGREE – II SALVATORE MIGLIORE/ MARIA GRAZIA MUSSO - THEIR IMMEDIATE ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS ( ANTONINO MUSSO BRANCH) Filippo Migliore Celidonia di Paolo Giuseppe Musso Anna Migliore B. ? , 1806(B) B. ? , 1812 (B) B. ? , 1797(B) B. ? , 1798(B) D. May 21, 1862(B) D. Apr. 5, 1868 (B) D. ? , D. ? Married Married Feb. 14, 1828(B) (?) Others Salvatore Migliore Maria Grazia Musso Salvatore Musso Leonarda Musso (see PED-I) B. Sept. 14, 1835 (B) B. Oct. 5, 1838(B) B. Dec. 24, 1831(B) B. Mar. 29, 1829(B) D.Apr. 23, 1874 D. ? D. ? , 1917 D. ? Milan, ITA Vineland, NJ Married 1858(?) Filippo Migliore Celidonia Migliore Giuseppe Migliore Antonino Musso B. May 14, 1859 (B) B. Dec. 14, 1861(B) B. Mar.25, 1864(B) B. Feb. 14,1866(B) D. 12, 1941 D. ? D. July 13, 1864(P) D. May 16,1932 Pittsburgh, PA Vineland, NJ USA-1903, 1905 USA –1905, 1910 Married 1892 Married Concetta di Blasi Pulcheria Conchiglia B. ? , 1866 (aka Giuseppina) D. ? , 1946 B. Mar. 29, 1875 (?) (see PEDIGREE II) D. Nov. 10, 1942 Vineland, NJ Maria Grazia Musso Salvatore Musso Lucia Musso Giovanni Musso Celidonia (Tina) Musso B. Sept 20, 1893(P) B. Nov. 27, 1894(P) B. ? , 1897(P) B. ? (P) B. Mar 5, 1904 (P) D. , 1985 (V) D. May.10, 1947(N) D. Nov., 1988(V) D. ? (V) D. Nov 21, 2002 (V) Married Married Married Married Married Nov. 2, 1912 Jan. 22, 1917 (?) (?) 1921 Raffaele San Cataldo Carrie Ciskoski Anthony Ferrara Anthony Flacco B. Oct. 15, 1891 (P) B. Dec. 14, 1899 B. ? B. ? , 1903 D. ? , 1976 (V) D. ? , 1989 D. ? D ? , 1932 PED II - 1
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COMMENTARY: This pedigree chart shows the family line with emphasis on the Antonino Musso Branch. The oldest known ancestors of this branch are Giuseppe Musso and Anna Migliore who were born in the late 1700’s. It is known that Giuseppe was the son of Ambrogio Musso but no further information has been uncovered. However, before getting into this branch of the family, there are a two points worth mentioning. First, a brother of Maria Grazia, Salvatore, born in 1831, was the first Musso family member to come to America arriving here in 1862. More information on this individual and a separate pedigree will follow for his branch of the family. Secondly, a sister of Maria, Leonarda, born in 1829, married a Dominico Cannavo from Partinico. Although family continuity has not been established, Maria Grazia’s granddaughter, Maria Grazia (referred to as Grace) Musso would marry another Cannavo in 1891 from Partinico, Raffaele San Cataldo (Sangataldo), whose mother was Grazia Cannavo. The Sangataldo family eventually settled in Vineland, N.J. Currently, the only surviving sibling of this marriage, Anthony Sangataldo and his wife, Millie, still live in Vineland. They have three sons. This will be further investigated to see if there is a family link but there is, at least, one other instance of another similar relationship between these two families. Antonino Musso was the brother of Filippo Migliore and both were siblings of Salvatore Migliore and
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