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PEDIGREE – III SALVATORE MIGLIORE/ MARIA GRAZIA MUSSO - THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS ( FILIPPO MIGLIORE BRANCH) Filippo Migliore Celidonia di Paola Giuseppe Musso Anna Migliore B. ? , 1806(B) B. ? , 1812 (B) B. ? , 1797(B) B. ? , 1798(B) D. May 21, 1862(B) D. Apr. 5, 1868 (B) D. ? , D. ? Married Married Feb. 14, 1828(B) (?) Others Salvatore Migliore Maria Grazia Musso Salvatore Musso Leonarda Musso see PED-I) B. Sept. 14, 1835 (B) B. Oct. 5, 1838(B) B. Dec. 24, 1831(B) B.Mar.29,1829(B) D. Apr. 23, 1874 (M) D. ? D. ? , 1917 D. ? Vineland, NJ Married 1858(?) Filippo Migliore Celidonia Migliore Giuseppe Migliore Antonino Musso B. May 14, 1859 (B) B. Dec. 14, 1861(B) B. Mar.25, 1864(B) B. Feb. 14,1866(P?) D. 12, 1941 D. ? D. July 13, 1864(P) D. May 16,1932 Pittsburgh, PA (Vineland, NJ) USA-1903, 1905 USA –1905, 1910 Married 1892 Married Concetta di Blasi Pulcheria Conchiglia B. , 1866 (aka Giuseppa) D. ? , 1946 (See Pedigree II) E. Rev. Salvatore Migliore Grace Migliore Giuseppe Migliore Dr. Antonino Migliore B. Oct. 18, 1893(P) B. ? , 1895(P) B. May 27, 1898(P) B. May. 1, 1901(P) D. Mar. 5, 1978 D. ? , 1897(P) D. Apr. 30, 1976 D. May 7, 1975 Bethel Pk., PA Partinico,ITA Slickville, PA Orlando, FL Married Aug.5, 1935 Mary Cecelia Stone B. Mar.11, 1908 Dr. Anthony D. Migliore Nancy Marie Migliore Richard L. Migliore B. June 12, 1940 B. Mar. 27, 1940 B. Dec. 25, 1942 PED III - 1
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COMMENTARY Filippo Migliore was the first child of Salvatore Migliore and Maria Grazia Musso. He was born in Borgetto, May 14, 1859. While still only 6 or 7 years old, he moved with his mother, Maria Grazia, sister, Celidonia and, brother, Antonino to Partinico to begin a new life after the imprisonment of Salvatore Migliore. Circumstances for the family were very difficult. Filippo went to work at an early age helping to support the family working for a landowner being given a job to guide a team of donkeys daily from the estate to town and then back the following morning. He, also, served two years in the Italian army where he attended school and learned to read and write. He was discharged reaching the rank of corporal. More of what we know about Filippo comes from the writings of Rev. Salvatore Migliore…. . Later in his adolescence, he became an apprentice to a stone mason and later became a stone mason himself. Filippo Migliore built at least six houses in Via Calatafimi, in Partinico. One of these houses was his own home and another belonged to his married sister Cerdonia [Celidonia] ……By trade he was a mason but was [more] interested in agriculture. In 1892, at the age of 33, he married Concetta di Blasi, daughter of a businessman and land owner……In 1902, at the invitation of his uncle, Salvatore Musso, he came to America and lived with his uncle in Vineland for over a year. His uncle let him sleep in the cellar where he cooked his meals on a heating stove. In the Fall of 1903 Filippo Migliore returned to Italy. Soon after his return he purchased a farm (about 15 acres), not far from Partinico and near the sea. After
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