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================================================== = - - - CVS KEN By Chosen_01 & Gargoyle - - - = ================================================== Original Author : Gargoyle Current Author: Chosen_01 Sprite Edits By: RoenBlaze Chosen_01 Contact Me: [email protected] [email protected] -------------------- Introduction : -------------------- -------------------- More Updates! Huzzah!!! More fixes this time around. I think he plays much more smoothly. Still a cheap bastard. ..but hey. .... What's Updated : * Updated Readme. * Removed Wall Jump special (planning to make it a new Hyper instead * Tweaked Ryuken Combos. Weak version looks better (imo) and Strong has a variant now. * Tatsumaki now counter pauses and has stricter timing for invincibility. Vulnerable to low and aireal attacks now. * Adjusted Ryuken chain to be easier. No more holding the back button. ..just simply press the combination. * Tweaked Tatsumaki Revenge * Fixed Strong Punch to look smoother and different. * Added Small Jump * Added a new intro v.s. Ryu ----------------- To Be Done: ----------------- Who knows at this point. Does he need anything else really? -_- ------------ Movelist: ------------ Normal moves: A: weak kick B: medium kick C: strong kick X: weak punch Y: medium punch
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Z: strong punch Start: Taunt. Special Moves: --------------------- Parry: Press Forward to take zero damage on the ground or in the air. Down to parry low attacks.Can also build upt the power bar. Press Alpha Counter: B, DB, D + (Punch or Kick) - Punch version is Weak Ryuken, Kick version kicks
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ReadME! - = = -CVS KEN By Chosen_01 & Gargoyle - - = =...

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