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Resident Evil Umbrella Cronicles - Resident Evil Umbrella...

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. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles . . "Archives Transcript" . . File and Item Descriptions . . Version 1.02 . . Daniel Mohid . . [email protected] . . Originally Submitted 12/07/2007 . _______________________________________________________________________ ________ Introduction ------------ The following is a copy of "files" and "items" in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. These have been reproduced verbatim to the best of my ability. All text included shall be considered under Copyright of Capcom. This file may be published freely as long as it is unaltered. Any questions, concerns, or comments may be forwarded to [email protected] Scope ----- This document is not intended to assist player's in obtaining any files or items; GameFAQs has published a guide entitled, "File Guide," written by animan12 for that purpose. This document was written to allow players and Resident Evil fanatics a consolidated means of reading the lore from Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. For those player who are concerned about the game clock, the timer does continue to run while one views files in the Archives Section of the game. Organization ------------ The files and past items will be separated. Files are given in order of the four dates in the game, subdivided by mission. Files are formatted as they are given in the game. In most case, a line separates page breaks. This is omitted when a sentence on the previous page continues on the next page. Items are given in order of the four dates in the game. They are not subdivided by mission as they are few in number. Version History --------------- Version 1.00 - 12/07/2007 Complete Archives Transcript submitted Version 1.01 - 12/08/2007 Corrected minor typos in the opening of the document Added version history
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Corrected minor formatting inconsistencies Notes ----- There are multiple typos in the files. These are present in the game, and not an error on my part. However, it is likely that I incorrectly transcribed something contained within this document. If errors are found, I greatly appreciate all feedback to improve the quality of content. Readers may search for titles using either the verbatim title or search aids listed in the table of contents. These search aids are listed in brackets. Table of Contents ----------------- Files *Jul. 23, 1998* "Train Derailment 1" [A1] -Memo of the Founding of Umbrella -Court Order for Transportation -Rebecca Chambers Profile -Billy Coen Profile -Ecliptic Express Notes -Raccoon Forest Notes -Stinger Notes -Leech Notes "Train Derailment 2" [A2] -Memo about Billy's Past -James Marcus Profile -Mimicry Marcus Notes -Eliminator Notes -Bat Notes -Infected Bat Notes "Train Derailment 3" [A3] -Queen Leech Notes -Resident Evil 0 Digest 1 -Resident Evil 0 Digest 2 "Beginnings 1" [B1] -Leech Growth Records -William Birkin Profile -Reclamation Project Notes "Beginnings 2" [B2] -Regulations for the Trainees -Marcus's Diary 1 -Zombie Notes *Jul. 24, 1998* "Mansion Incident 1" [C1] -Keeper's Diary
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Resident Evil Umbrella Cronicles - Resident Evil Umbrella...

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