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Stress Management Workshop - Welcome To Kaplan's Stress...

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Welcome To Kaplan's Stress Management Workshop Are you nervous about taking your test? Do you "stress out" under the pressures of taking standardized exams? Do your palms sweat just thinking about the word "stress"? Have you had trouble in the past reigning in your fears? Do those fears keep you from concentrating, from "seeing" each question for what it is? The first thing: Don't panic. Such feelings are common. When there's a lot on the line, stress increases. That's normal. The question is, are you one of those who will rise above it? Kaplan knows that you can rise above it, and today we're going to show you how. We know that test day success doesn't just hinge on knowing the test content, and practicing winning strategies. It also requires mastering the psychological element of the test day experience. Let's not lose sight of the fact that we've been working on the psychological dimensions of test taking ever since your Kaplan course began. It's been folded into our presentation of every aspect of the exam. And of course there's no better way to reduce stress and anxiety when you know how the test works, and practice what you know. But there comes a time when the psychological dimension of test taking needs to take center stage, and this is that moment. By reading the text of this workshop, and carrying out the tasks and exercises you are assigned, you become proactive in the effort to get every element of your being in sync for test day success. Let's get right to it. [Page 2 of 13] What Is Stress? Much has been said and written about stress. (It's a perennial part of life, right?) But despite the fact that we're all aware of it, no two people are likely to agree on what specifically stress is, what causes it, and how to reduce it. When it comes to the stress associated with standardized test taking, Kaplan— the company that has been in the business of reducing test stress for over 60 years—has come up with a precise and extremely useful definition: You should think of stress as any factor, physical or psychological, that impedes your optimum performance. To put it another way, anything that gets in the way of your scoring the best you can is a cause of stress that needs to be identified and minimized. This means that you don't have to be aiming for the 99th percentile to be a victim of stress. Stress increases anyone's risk of falling short of his or her goals, whether s/he's aiming for the top of the scoring scale or somewhere in the
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middle. And it means that even if your preparation has been the very best—if you've taken a Kaplan course, for instance—you nevertheless need to attend to this issue and remove as much stress as you can. Only by doing so can all of the knowledge and technique you've developed work for you on test day. How To Use This Workshop
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Stress Management Workshop - Welcome To Kaplan's Stress...

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