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Rap We got a resigned Defense secretary But on the contrary Rob Mcnara flew away like a canary Cliff report came out, telling people what This war was about, but then again it couldn’t be won except if we spent money on mass tanks and guns, we try not to run, instead to make peace, calling it with honor, Nixon proposes we don’t mess with the north Vietnam to take out troops, and start building up in the south to grow strong like the dragons mouth without the use of guns and bombs to fight the NV’s and the viet congs Scrubs get in our way cut through grasses and palms Ho chi minh trading trail check your palms, when we bomb Cambodia We cut supplies coast to coast with them falling away from the south’s gem The Nixon doctrine asked for support not only from within, from the time this all begin
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Unformatted text preview: The ARVN attack was aimed right at the communists back Action was carried out and protest didn’t lack I’m not telling lies they are all facts, just like the Kent strike In 1970 4 kids killed at a university, general commotion sprung you see 400 colleges called it a tradegy they all agreed south collapses by not controlling inflation protest and general’s hate they were facing ordered to close down the weakest link nation angry people and frustration a collapse and burn to a new formation to be built NVA attacks south with no guilt In 75 it’s a surpise the south side somewhat survived. Its all about to lose, Penh replaced with khmer rouge Allow me to introduce Pathet Lao, similar to mao Communism was his puppy chow....
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