WRT 102-07 Cause and Effect Paper ( firts draft) 09-12-09

WRT 102-07 Cause and Effect Paper ( firts draft) 09-12-09 -...

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Jose Pinales Wrt 102-07 09-12-09 A Toast to High Education College, for the most part, it’s about socializing and making friends. Alcohol is almost always present in non-official social events, such as off-campus and suite parties. Most students know when to stop drinking or to recognize they are drunk; others, in the other hand, keep drinking until there is no more alcohol left. What many students don’t realize while drinking is that the abuse of alcoholic substances can lead to health issues, violence, felonies, injuries and even death. The over-exposure of alcoholic beverages by the media contributes to the idea that drinking is a “most” in order to fit-it. Culture can significantly affect the way young adults perceive the importance of alcohol in their lives. Other factors like negligence of parents, a history of alcoholic, physical or psychological abuse in the family can lead college students to use alcohol as an escape from reality. There are lots of myths and half truths about the causes and effect of alcohol consumption among college students. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to health and social issues that can negatively affect the lives of young adults, especially college students. Over-exposure of alcoholic beverage in television, magazines, movies and show teens and young adults the “positive” side of drinking while overshadowing the dangerous facts of alcohol related problems. Besides the insignificant “drink responsibly” slogan most alcohol companies use at the very end of their commercials, there is nothing in these commercial that show the negative effects of alcohol. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stated that “Today alcohol is widely available and aggressively promoted through television, radio,
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billboards, and the Internet ”. When I watch the Mets or Yankee games is almost impossible not to encounter banners or advertisement for an alcoholic beverage in the middle of the game, in between innings and at the end when the sponsors, including some beer companies, are mentioned. In my opinion, these commercial, like most drugs advertize on TV, should offer a list of side effects along with the “benefits” of drinking. I do admit that drinking is a choice and there is no advertisement in the word that can change that but the fact is there is always a new commercial about a light beer or stronger vodka during most televised sports, when I’m just trying to watch a baseball game. Drinking in college is considerable normal because of the thousands of times students
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WRT 102-07 Cause and Effect Paper ( firts draft) 09-12-09 -...

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