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While trying to crush him, the Lion tore himself with his > claws, until he punished himself severely. The Gnat thus prevailed > over the Lion, and, buzzing about in a song of triumph, flew away. > But shortly afterwards he became entangled in the meshes of a cobweb > and was eaten by a spider. He greatly lamented his fate, saying, > "Woe is me! that I, who can wage war successfully with the hugest
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Unformatted text preview: > beasts, should perish myself from this spider, the most > inconsiderable of insects!" try: jaribu crush: seta tear: chana (put in ji for oneself) punish: rudi win / prevail: shinda song: wimbo victory: ushindo fly: ruka entwine: tinga spiders web: utando wa buibui spider: buibui wage war: kufanya kita hugest beats: mnyama mkubwa perish: angamia worthless: dufu insect: mdudu...
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