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Pendo La Kwanza “First Love” It was the season of fall, that is the time of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth month. The day was a little cold. Not cold like the first or second month of the year, but it was necessary that a person should wear a sweater or coat for the cold. The leaves of the trees were changing colors. They weren’t green, but brown, tumeric, red, orange, rose/pink and purple. A small wind shook the branches of the trees. Mr. Mtembezi came from the Law School, which is close to Ruloff’s and the Shwartz center. Across from the building, Mtembezi stopped and checked his watch. It was 4 in the afternoon. He felt hungry. He thought a little about if he should eat at the
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Unformatted text preview: coffee shop of if he should go eat at home. Finally he decided to go eat at home. He began to walk to Olin Library. He walked slowly. Now at the road there were a lot of people, students and workers of Cornell. Also, buses, cars, bikes and motorcycles passed. Mtembezi arrived at the streetlight. He stopped. He waited. At the stoplight. It changed to green. Mtembezi crossed the street and walked by Gannet, Willard Straight, the Cornell Store, the church, and Olin and Uris libraries. When he arrived close to Goldwin Smith, he heard a voice call out with force “Mtembezi!!! Mtembezi!!!”...
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