Translation 2 - Eric Stern Tafsiri Somo la Kumi na Moja...

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Eric Stern Tafsiri Somo la Kumi na Moja Juma is a student in Dar es Salaam College but he shouldn’t pay the school fees. His dad is a fisherman; he lives close to the village of Mtwara, part of the coast, south of the land of Tanzania. His work is to catch fish. He catches fish and farms a little; he doesn’t have a lot of money. He has enough money to buy his kids and wife their needs, like food, clothes, and so on. Other parents of students are like Juma’s father; farmers, fishermen, and workers. They don’t have a lot of money. They are not able to help their kids to pay their school fees. But in Tanzania and Kenya, luckily poor people do not have to pay school fees if they study in government schools. The schools are able to help them. In schools students study for free. It is for this reason Juma doesn’t pay school fees. Maswali 1. Juma anasoma katika Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam. 2. Ndiyo, baba yake anaweza kumnunua yeye mahitaji yake, kama nguo na chakula. 3. Hapana, Baba yake halipi ada za shule. 4. Wanafunzi wanasoma bure katika shule za serikali. 5. Hapana, Juma halipi ada za shule. Somo la Kumi na Mbili Even though students in the land of Tanzania do not pay school fees and do not rely on themselves to pay the fees, they rely on the help of their school. For example they help by cleaning the school and doing other work. Many students have gardens or farms. In their fields they grow many plants like tomatoes, onions, and different vegetables. From time to time trees of fruits like orange trees and banana trees. Usually they eat their fruits and their vegetables, but if they aren’t able to send it all, the will sell their crops at the market. After selling the crops, they will spend the money to buy themselves needed items, like sugar, milk, chai, and bread. They really like to drink chai. Then, for cleaning school and the classrooms, and for growing vegetables and trees, like oranges and
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Translation 2 - Eric Stern Tafsiri Somo la Kumi na Moja...

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