Discussion 2 - Trans-generational learning that is passed...

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Discussion 2 17:21 Will get asked: “if there is any natural way of walking” ex… Possibly bring in “critical period” of development If citing, make a footnote or citation list What is Itard’s goal? Find out what characteristics are inate and which are learned from society Reconnect kid with modern society What is wrong with itard’s idea of “wild child”? can you really say that he was  “wild”? Just because he didn’t grow up with humans, doesn’t mean he is not a human Just grew up in a different environment
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Unformatted text preview: Trans-generational learning that is passed down Victor: different kind of intelligence Could normal people survive in the woods Cultural diversity: People learn different things growing up Western concept of modernity why do we have to do things this way. What about a different way culture: forms of expression ideas, traditions, customs passed down social interactions ingrained practices particular way of doing things (eating, sleeping,) 17:21 17:21...
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Discussion 2 - Trans-generational learning that is passed...

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