DrinkingDraft - affected by the taste and the easier it is...

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Eric Stern 1/20/09 Anthro 2400 “Drinking” It is very common for Americans of a certain age to drink a certain beverage they call beer. Although this drink comes in many different colors and viscosities, the most common is one that is golden in color, with slight carbonation. There is a slight gender stigma associated with beer drinking. It seems that a man is not masculine if he does not enjoy drinking beer. Men often display their masculinity in beer drinking my competing in games where the winner is often the one who can drink beer the fastest. Even though some women do drink the beverage, a much higher percentage of men drink beer then women. This stigma could have arisen from beer’s distinct taste, which most have to become accustomed to. Thus, the more masculine a man is, the less he is
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Unformatted text preview: affected by the taste and the easier it is to consume to drink. When women do drink beer, they often drink more slowly then their male counterparts. They do not engulf the beverage with such tenacity, but often sip at it, and there forth drink less. The beer drinking habits of women also seem to arise from the masculinity associated with beer. A woman does not want to consume as much beer as a man, for then she is stating that she is as masculine as he is. Then why, if it is associated with such masculinity, do women drink beer? As beer is embedded in the American culture, men often bring beer, and only beer to social gatherings. Thus many women are stuck with no alternative to beer when they want to drink and socialize....
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DrinkingDraft - affected by the taste and the easier it is...

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