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Eric Stern 1 Anthro 2400 Paper 7 Frat-tastic Naming In most Greek organizations, whether fraternities, sororities, or shrouded secret societies, there are many rituals and practices that are passed down year to year. In the Sigma Phi Society, it is tradition to assign each hopeful member a name that they will be referred to until initiation. This name is referred to as a “p-name” and occasionally sticks with an individual even after they are initiated. As a hopeful member, I was given the p- name Moses. Using McDonald’s theory of naming systems, this name relates on a wide array of cultural levels. As part of the new member process, each hopeful member is paired with an older member of Sigma Phi, who is then referred as the hopeful’s big brother. That person is responsible for ensuring the well being of the hopeful member, and for picking the hopeful member’s p-name. The big brother must take into account “the degree of ‘fit’ of a name in mental and emotional terms” (McDonald). Similar to the American and
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FratNamePaper - Eric Stern Anthro 2400 Paper 7 1...

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