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Genocide_Notes - GenocideNotes 21:10 thatis,?...

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Genocide Notes 21:10 What does it take to orchestrate a genocide --  that is, how do you get a genocide going? What are some of the possible  factors involved?    Hotel Rwanda: Division of people instituted by an extraneous group Large media influece o Radio promoted divison o “Tootsi cockroaches” People thought they could benefit from genocide o Military with bribes / money gathered Government crumbled o Rise of other group with hostility Military taking actions into their own hands Arnaut: “were state policemen ‘gendarmes’ who wanted to take vengence for the  killing of one of their commanding officers (112) Establishment of an “other” that can be characterized /personified Need to have some way of identification Ivory Coast:  Jula o RDR militants o Muslims
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o Northern Area o Migrants from other west African counties Police and Political violence turned into acts of manipulated make believe
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Genocide_Notes - GenocideNotes 21:10 thatis,?...

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