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NativePaperNotes - Notes on Debate between Bartolome Las...

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Notes on Debate between Bartolome Las Casa and Juan Gines de Sepulveda. Spanish treatment of the natives 1. Summarize major points in the debate. Disagreements as well as commonalities. Say something about disagreement between treatment of native’s bloody sacrifices a. Las Casas i. Starts by saying that those who wish war before the word of the gospel have made 2 mistakes 1. Quote false histories 2. Twist the words on the Supreme Pontiff Alexander VI ii. How can you support a war against unarmed, tame individuals? 1. Why would they want to join Christianity when they see that Christians are thriving on a pilgrimage of bloodshed with no just cause? 2. These people are dying before they can hear the word of Christ 3. The golden rule: Do unto others as they would do unto you. iii. Doesn’t refer to the people of the new world as savages, etc 1. Actually kind people that want to accept the word of God (bottom 28) 2. End of chapter 1: can think of a lot of people as savages by not their level of education or wealth, but in the way in which they act iv. Sacrifice 1. The Mexicans are not doing wrong to sacrifice people because those that are being sacrificed have committed a crime. Middle page 45 2. Every culture used to perform sacrifices a. The ruler would offer his kin to appease the evil spirits and save an entire nation
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b. Spanish used to practice sacrifice also.
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