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Eric Stern 3/9/09 Assignment #5 Race Paper Racial Issues without Race In a history class in elementary school, a young boy learns about many different people from all over the world. The teacher exclaims to all of the students that each race has many fascinating customs and although each is in some way different, they all have similarities. However, was the teacher using the right word to describe the different groups of people? Many anthropologists believe that different races do not exist, although racial issues are very much prevalent in society today. Many view race as a way to place people in distinct categories based on physical characteristics. When looking a wide array of people, it becomes harder and harder to place individuals in categories, as their characteristics may waver between two groups. Take, for instance, the physical characteristic of skin color. Skin color has been commonly used to segregate people throughout history. With the billions of humans on the earth, skin tones range from the most ghostly white to the richest of blacks, and every shade in between. As there will be an individual that falls on the dividing line between two groups based on skin pigment, this criterion is not a valid way to subdivide people (Race ). Like skin tone, genetics is commonly used a means to divide people into races.
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RacePaper - Eric Stern Assignment#5 Race Paper Racial...

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