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Eric Stern 1 4/29/09 Anthro 2400 Leaving Home “Sandro! Get the baby! He’s hungry!”. Silence. “Sandro! Get up!”. He rolled over to his right. 4:14am glared back into his eyes. Why would anything be awake at 4:14 in the morning? “Ughh. Can you get him? You’re already up”. “Sandro, you know I have to get ready for work. I’m already late. And I don’t see you putting food in our baby’s stomach. Now get up and take care of your child”. Sandro lumbered out of bed, found his slippers and walked out of the room. He immediately returned with a small blue bundle that squirmed and wailed boisterously. “What are you doing today? I better not hear you are hanging around with that cousin of yours. He’s a bad influence Sandro. With all those tattoos and drugs…” “Myra, I’m not going to see Omar. I’m better then that. I just needed a little money…” “You need to get another job, that’s what you need to do. Patricia’s boyfriend, you know that guy she met at the bakery? Javier, the accountant? He’s taking them on a vacation to Costa Rica next week. I should have married an accountant and not a painter. When was the last time you did a portrait of me? You used to do those all the time when we were dating….” Sandro knew he needed to get a steady job. With the current economic downturn, people in Guadalajara weren’t buying art like they used to. “I’ll find some steady work Myra, don’t you worry. We’ll be ok.” “Ya, well I hope so. I’m not having Felix grow up in a home with no food and a father who sits on his butt all day.” Sandro and Myra had been married two months when Myra told Sandro that she was pregnant. Although he had always wanted kids and a family, Sandro was shocked that everything had happened so soon. Sandro had been able to support himself by selling his own landscape paintings to a mix of locals and tourists from around the world. He had
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WallPaper2 - Eric Stern Anthro 2400 Leaving Home 1 Sandro...

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