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CS 103 Test 5 Fall 2009 Problem 1. (15 points) Enter answers to this problem into the function t5 p1 (in the provided M-file t5 p1.m ). A. In computer science, the term “stack” denotes a 1. first-in-first-out data structure 2. last-in-first-out data structure 3. set of local variables shared by two or more functions 4. set of global variables shared by two or more functions B. In computer science, the term “mixed-mode describes 1. a program involving both functions and subfunctions 2. a function involving both explicit operations and implicit operations 3. an expression involving differing types of operations on operands of the same type 4. an operation involving operands of differing types C. Suppose logical indexing is being used in a = b(c) . Then the following statement(s) is/are true: 1. c must be a vector whose elementary type is logical 2. the length of a is independent of the values of the elements of c 3. a is of logical type regardless of the type of b 4. all of the above D. A Matlab predicate is kind of
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