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Rock Identifiable Features By Francesco De Sisto 1. Sedimentary Rocks a. Have strata layers b. Have certain grain size c. Are made up of other rock fragments d. Some sedimentary rocks react to acid such as coquina, micrite limestone, chalk limestone, etc e. Most but not all sedimentary rocks won’t scratch glass because it is softer than glass. 2. Igneous Rocks a. Have crystallized minerals b. Solidifies from molten material such as magma when cooled.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Are classified by mineralogy and texture. d. There are two major groups of igneous rocks : i. The plutonic- which have grains that are visible to the naked eye ii. The volcanic type which have very fine grains which requires a person to look at it with a microscope. 3. Metamorphic Rocks a. Have foliated and non-foliated texture b. Made up of flaky fabrics c. Has cleavage d. slat foliation...
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