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hw05 - Petri-Nets Explain why deadlock does not occur(3...

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SE 3306 - Mathematical Foundations of SE Homework # 5 Due on 04/22/2009 – 10:30am (1) Consider a small north-south street that terminates as it meets a large east-west avenue, as shown in the Figure below. Due to the heavy trafc along the avenue, the westbound trafc attempting to turn le±t is governed by a let±-turn signal. There are 4 signals and the red, yellow, and green lights o± these ±our signals can represent the output o± the FSM. Create a FSM and a Statechart to model the system. 1 2 3 4 (2) Model the Dinning Philosopher’s problem without deadlock using Statecharts and
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Unformatted text preview: Petri-Nets. Explain why deadlock does not occur. (3) Consider the ±ollowing description o± a computer system. Jobs appear and are put on an input list. When the processor is ±ree, and there is a job on the input list, the processor starts to process the job. When the job is complete, it is placed on an output list, and i± there are more jobs on the input list, the processor continues with another job; otherwise it waits ±or another job. Model the system using Petri Nets....
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