CS 3375 Section 002 - the tutorials/notes Implement the...

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CS 3375 Section 001 Assignment 3 Students work in teams between two and four members (no individual submissions or larger teams). The assignment is due on Oct. 10, 2008 (before midnight). Submit the assignment as an e-mail attachment to Abhishek and cc Dr. Cooper Note. Do not zip the submission file; just attach your files to the e-mail Only submit one e-mail per team Late penalty is 10% per day or part of a day. 1. Choose another 4 of the following commands: more mv who mkdir ps cp ls rmdir pwd rm whereis grep For each command you choose, a) provide the description section from the man page (copy it and put it in double quotes with a reference) b) describe each option and argument in your own words c) provide an example using the command 2. Look up the algorithms for two different sorting algorithms (not in
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Unformatted text preview: the tutorials/notes) Implement the algorithms in 1) a C program and 2) a bash script The implementations should read numbers from a file and write the sorted numbers to a different file. The filenames should be provided by the user. Create and test your implementation with at least these 7 test files:- empty- one element- two elements unsorted- two elements, already sorted- three elements unsorted- three elements, already sorted- 500 unsorted elements Document the script with comments. Submit your implementations and testfiles (input and output). Provide the references to the sources of the algorithm definitions. 3. Investigate the file transfer applications that are available on the pcs in the open lab. What is installed? Provide evidence you have tried/used one....
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CS 3375 Section 002 - the tutorials/notes Implement the...

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