HW4 - H o me wor k 4 D UE Ap ril 30 th 2009 A st r on o my...

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Homework 4 Astronomy 100 Dr. Warner DUE: April 30 th , 2009 Note : there are four mandatory questions on this assignment: Questions 4,7, 13 and 14 are required. These four questions are worth 19 points. As before, you only need to get 40 points in order to have a perfect score, and so you need to select at least another 21 points from the remaining questions. Your score will thus consist of a score out of 19 for the five mandatory problems and a score out of 21 for the other problems. You may attempt, and submit more problems, but if your score for these additional problems exceeds 21, then it will be set equal to 21. Please ask me, or the TAs or friends for help. I would like you to assist each other in coming to the right answer. You must, however, understand and write your own answers, and the only way to convince the grader that you have UNDERSTOOD the answer is by EXPLAINING how you got it. Please read the comments on page 4 of the syllabus concerning acceptable and unacceptable levels of collaboration. Please make sure that you give a SHORT explanation of your answers. Answers that consist of two or three words, or consist of more than 200 words for each part, will not receive full credit. Most of your explanations would almost certainly benefit if you drew diagrams. Where a calculation is involved, you must show your working. 1. What is a pulsar and how were they first detected?
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HW4 - H o me wor k 4 D UE Ap ril 30 th 2009 A st r on o my...

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