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1 Deviance and Society Sociology 350 Fall 2008 TTH 11:00-12:20 KAP 144 Dr. Karen Sternheimer TA: Christine Jun Office: KAP 252 Office: KAP 364 F Office hours: TTH 12:30-1:45; 3:30-4:30 and by appointment Office hours: T 8:45-10:45 and by appointment 213-740-3541 sternhei@usc.edu cjun@usc.edu Themes and goals: Within this class, we will examine the roles of social context and power in defining deviance. Our central questions will focus on how deviance is conceptualized, who gets labeled deviant, and who avoids the deviant label. We will also consider how wealth, power, and prestige influence deviance and stigma. We will also pay particular attention to corporate crime and its impact, drawing from recent events. The goal of this class is to lead you question what might seem to be natural or inevitable about deviance and conformity. This course explores definitions and categorizations of deviance, social control and regulation of deviance, as well as deviant identities. We will consider definitions and theories of deviance, as well as how society polices deviance, both formally and informally. Specific areas of focus include mental illness, sexuality, the body, drugs, crime, and social institutions. Be advised that we may discuss topics that may make some people uncomfortable. In this class we will attempt to discover some of the ways in which sociologists define and describe deviance as well as the impact it has on our lives. By the end of the course we will have a greater understanding ourselves, the judgments that we take for granted, and how societies regulate themselves. Student evaluation: Attendance and participation 15% Tuesday in-class essays 10% Take home midterm (due 10/21) 25% Term paper (Outline due 11/6, paper due 12/2) 25% Take home final (due Tuesday 12/16 at 10 am) 25% Tracking your progress: While grades are very important to students, you are expected to seek more than a grade from this course. You are responsible for keeping a record of your grades and to be aware of your progress as well as areas where improvement is needed, and for seeking help from your peers, TA, or professor. Use the breakdown above to calculate your grade. Attendance and participation: You are expected to attend every class and come prepared to participate in a lively discussion by reading and analyzing each assigned reading beforehand. In addition, you are expected to welcome the expression of differing viewpoints and treat each and everyone in the class with respect. Some information will be presented in class that will not appear in the readings, so it is essential that if you Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software http://www.foxitsoftware.com For evaluation only.
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2 miss a class that you get notes from a classmate. You are expected to be courteous, which means quietly listening when others are speaking during class, and arrive and depart on time . Students often overlook the importance of participation and attendance in their course grade. This
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