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262 des handout-rtf - Philosophy 262g J Levin DESCARTES 6TH...

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Philosophy 262g J. Levin DESCARTES’ 6TH MEDITATION ARGUMENT FOR MIND-BODY DISTINCTNESS Descartes writes, “First, I know that everything which I clearly and distinctly understand is capable of being created by God so as to correspond exactly with my understanding of it. Hence the fact that I can clearly and distinctly understand one thing apart from the other is enough to make me certain that the two things are distinct, since they are capable of being separated, at least by God...[Now] on the one hand I have a clear and distinct idea of myself, insofar as I am simply a thinking, non- extended thing; and on the other hand I have a distinct idea of body, insofar as this is simply an extended, non-thinking thing. And accordingly, it is certain that I am really distinct from my body, and can exist without it.” ( Meditation 6; SP 78 ) We can render this as follows: (1) If I can clearly and distinctly understand x to exist apart from y, then x can exist apart from y.
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