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Philosophy 262g J. Levin Philosophical arguments; some things to remember An argument consists of one or more premises and a conclusion ; the premises are intended to give rational support to the conclusion. (1) An argument is deductively valid just in case it’s impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion false. Some examples: (a) All humans are mortal Socrates is a human Therefore, Socrates is mortal. (b) All whales are pink Socrates is a whale Therefore, Socrates is pink (c) If the moon is full tonight, then there will be world peace If there’s world peace, then everyone will be happy The moon is full tonight
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, everyone will be happy. Are the following arguments deductively valid? (d) Many ancients Greeks were brilliant logicians. Socrates was an ancient Greek. Therefore, Socrates was a brilliant logician. (e) All small cars get good gas mileage My car gets good gas mileage Therefore, my car is small. (f) Harry asked Sally for a date. Dates are the oblong edible fruits of a palm Therefore, Harry asked Sally for an oblong edible fruit of a palm (2) An argument is deductively sound just in case (i) it is deductively valid (ii) its premises are true ....
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