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practice midterm2 - Name _ Lab Time _ Anthropology 151 Fall...

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1 Name ________________________ Anthropology 151 Lab Time _____________________ Fall 2009 SECOND (awful) MIDTERM and (despicable) LAB QUIZ STUDY GUIDE 1. We people are proud members of the Suborder Anthropoidea. We have many synapomorphies with monkeys and apes relative to the Prosimii such as (fill in the following table): Prosimii Anthropoidea early fusion of frontal bones? fused mandibular symphysis? postorbital closure? 2. Tarsiers and anthropoids share some derived features relative to the strepsirrhines such as (list three good traits): 3. One of the earliest fossil anthropoids is Eosimias. Where was it found, how old is it, and what is one synapomorphy linking it to later anthropoids? 4. A Name two genera of Late Eocene catarrhines (not the early Oligocene genera of Aegyptopithecus and Propliopithecus ). 4. B. Name two synapomorphies that these Late Eocene catarrhines have with Anthropoidea.
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2 4. C. What feature of these Late Eocene catarrhines’ teeth retained the primitive prosimian form? 5. By early Oligocene times the Fayum anthropoids were somewhat more like modern anthropoids in their dental adaptations. Fill in the following table: Trait Propliopithecus / Aegyptopithecus Prosimian Anthropoid dental formula size of hypocone size of paraconid degree of bunodontia Circle “T” for true statements and “F” for false ones. 6 . T F Throughout the entire Eocene climates were consistently warm even in the most northern latitudes. 7. T F The earliest evidence of primates in South America consists of Branisella . 8.
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practice midterm2 - Name _ Lab Time _ Anthropology 151 Fall...

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