Exam 1 review - Psychology 380: Abnormal Psychology...

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Psychology 380: Abnormal Psychology Professor Overtree Fall, 2009 Major Concepts to Review for the First Exam Topics Covered: All Lectures Abnormal Psychology Chapters 1-4 and 15 The following list contains the major concepts discussed in the textbook that should be well understood for the exam. In addition to these concepts, you’ll also need to study the material discussed in class. Although you can use this as a guide for studying, all material covered in lecture or in the readings is eligible for inclusion in the exam. Ch. 1 – Understanding abnormality Defining abnormality Distress, impairment, risk to self and other people, socially and culturally unacceptable behavior Causes of abnormal behavior Biological, psychological, sociocultural, biopsychosocial model Abnormal Psychology throughout History Demonic possession, the scientific model, reemergence of spiritual explanations, the reform movement, deinstitutionalization Research methods The scientific method, hypothesis formation, sample, population, the experimental
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Exam 1 review - Psychology 380: Abnormal Psychology...

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