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Abnormal Psychology Overview of Psychological Treatment for Mental Illness I. Overview of therapeutic treatment a. Goals of treatment i. Immediate management – crisis intervention ii. Short-term goals – symptom reduction iii. Long-term goals – personality change 1. Risk management 2. Support and stress reduction 3. Long term growth and development b. Treatment providers i. Psychiatrist ii. Psychologist iii. Licensed social worker (LICSW) iv. Mental Health Counselor (Master’s level) v. Case manager (bachelors level) c. Individual Treatment i. Psychological assessment ii. Therapy iii. Medication management d. Family Treatment i. Family intake plus individual meetings
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Identified patient iii. Coping with in-session conflict e. Group Treatment i. Using group members as treatment providers ii. Using groups to generate and resolve conflict iii. Using group for social support iv. Groups not useful for antisocial behavior and/or eating disorders f. Hospital Treatment i. Voluntary and Involuntary Admission II. Final words on diagnosis A. The danger of labels and how new words morph B. The requirement that treatment be associated with a specific diagnosis C. Be inquisitive of your diagnosis and aware of your rights as a patient and health care insurance consumer....
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