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Abnormal Psychology Psychological Assessment I. What is a psychological assessment A. Gathering psychological, emotional, and cognitive data about a client using direct and indirect means. B. Most important to gather converging evidence from multiple sources C. Good psychological tests have the following characteristics 1. Reliability a. Test-retest b. Inter-rater c. Internal consistency 2. Validity a. Face validity b. Construct – does it measure an unobservable concept (intelligence) C. Different uses of psychological assessment 1. Differential Diagnosis 2. Evaluation of psychotic thinking 3. Make recommendations for treatment
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Increase motivation for treatment 5. Assess abilities and deficits (LD testing). 6. Court mandates II. Tools for conducting psychological tests A. Projective Tests 1. Rorschach 2. TAT 3. Draw-A-Person C. Personality Inventories 1. How they are developed 2. Validity Scales 3. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inv. (MMPI-2) a. 567 true/false questions b. Administered on computer or by hand c. 10 clinical scales and 3 validity scales d. Interpreting clinical scales in light of validity scales D. IQ Tests 1. Wechsler Intelligence Tests A. Adult: WAIS-III B. Child: WISC-IV C. Early Child: WPPSI-IV...
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