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theoretical perspectives - C. Motivational Interviewing D....

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Abnormal Psychology Theoretical Perspectives I. Causes of abnormal behavior (the Biopsychosocial Model) A. Biological causes? 1. predisposition to anxiety/arousal, heightened physical response B. Psychological causes? 2. History of illness in self or family, perceived loss of control in life C. Sociocultural causes? 3. Job stresses, inadequate medical care or knowledge or education II. Perspectives on abnormality A. Biological perspective- biological dysfunction 1. Brain structure 2. Neurochemistry 3. Genetic influences B. Behavioral & Cognitive-behavioral- dysfunctional learning or behavior 1. Classical conditioning- a. Stimulus and response associations 2. Operant conditioning a. Positive/Negative Reinforcement & Punishment 3. Treatment a. Cognitive Restructuring b. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)
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Unformatted text preview: C. Motivational Interviewing D. Somatic treatments (i.e. relaxation training) E. Aversive conditioning C. Psychodynamic perspective-insight orientation 1. Structure of the Personality (Id, Ego, Superego) 2. Defense mechanisms a. Displacement b. Rationalization c. Repression d. Regression e. Denial 3. Analogy of the soldiers 4. Treatment a. Insight leads to change b. Free Association c. Dream Analysis d. Transference and Counter Transference e. Encountering Resistance D. Humanistic Therapy 1. Congruence- Harmony between the image we project and our true feelings and wishes. 2. Unconditional Positive Regard 3. Integrated into all the above perspectives E. Sociocultural Perspective- systemic cultural or social dysfunction 1. integrated into all of the above perspectives....
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theoretical perspectives - C. Motivational Interviewing D....

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