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Abnormal Psychology 380 Understanding Abnormality I. What is Abnormal: The overlap between mental illness and brilliance II. What is Abnormal? A. Deviation from average versus deviation from optimal B. Clinical Psychology Criteria 1. Distress to self 2. Impairment in activities, work, school, family life 3. Risk to self/others 4. Socially/culturally inappropriate behavior III. Causes of Abnormal Behavior
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Unformatted text preview: A. Biological Causes 1. Heightened anxiety response (prior learning or biological etiology) 2. Disturbed neuro-chemical functioning 3. Medical illness or dysfunction B. Psychological Causes 1. Family history 2. Cognitive style/beliefs C. Sociocultural Causes 1. Socio-economic status and work-related stress 2. Inadequate medical or mental health care 3. Institutional discrimination 4. Culture bias...
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