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Student Name: Ankita Shah Class: Acctg-50 Session 1 Problem 02-05 HERE COME THE CLOWNS! Balance Sheet June 30, 2007 Assets Cash 32,520 Liabilities: Notes receivable 9,500 Notes payable 180,000 Accounts receivable 7,450 Accounts payable 26,100 Animals 189,060 Salaries payable 9,750 Cages 24,630 Total liabilities 215,850 Costumes 31,500 Owners' equity: Props and equipment 89,580 Capital stock 310,000 Tents 63,000 Retained earnings 27,230 337,230 105,840
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Unformatted text preview: Total 553,080 Total 553,080 b. Explain what changes would be required in your June 30 balance sheet to reflect the loss of an uninsured tent that cost $14,300. The changes that are required to be made would be to reduce the cash and the retained earnings by $14,300. As the tent was not insured it would recorded as an expense on on the income stmt for the month of June 2007, which would reduce the net income / retained earning for the period....
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