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I worked for a company where a person working in the payroll department stole money from the company using the direct deposit funds, the monies were transferred to either her sister’s or her account instead of the employee’s names on the checks. The way it came to surface was when the owner decided on reviewing the employee wages sub-ledger transaction detail one day, where he noticed names of employees no longer working for the company. He picked a group of employees that reported to a supervisor and asked him to confirm when each of the employees had worked last. The supervisor went through his list and confirmed all but two, who were termed couple of months ago. He went over to confirm the exact date with the human resources. On further research, they noticed that these employees had received checks during the current week, which was a shock. Not knowing what was going on, they asked the payroll admins to see if they knew who had requested payments for those two employees in particular, and the response from all was not sure. Furthermore, when the HR and the payroll manager did more research that’s when they found that one of
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