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Chapter 11 discussion - (Authorized shares – 500...

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Tell us about your favorite publicly owned corporation. What kind of stock does it offer? How many are outstanding? The one I looked at was Amazon Com Inc (AMZN). My husband and I like to buy sometimes from Amazon, so I thought to look at their Stockholder’s Equity. This info is from their June 30 th , 2009 10-K reporting (unaudited balance sheet). Preferred stock, $0.1 par value:
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Unformatted text preview: ------(Authorized shares – 500, issued & o/s shares – none) Common stock, $0.1 par value: 4 million (Authorized shares – 5000, issued 448 and o/s shares – 432) Treasury stock, at cost: (600) million Additional paid-in capital: 4321 million Accumulated other comprehensive loss: (58) million Accumulated deficit: (411) million Total stockholder’s equity: 3256 million...
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