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Greetings to all, First and for most I would like to wish you all Good Luck at the Finals next week. As far as the book, I think I was happy with most parts of the book, the details and the examples that were provided to help understand a topic or a problem. Like others as well, I think I was hoping that the book provided with answers (solutions) to more of the practice questions in the chapters. Like others and the professor mentioned it might be a good idea get a study guide to assist with the solutions. At times I felt the self check quizzes were a little confusing, but after reading more thoroughly and
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Unformatted text preview: revisiting the book and the discussions at times, I was able to get a better understanding. I really like the idea of the discussion board being open to all throughout the course. It helped me understand and learn more in depth about the topics at hand and see from a different prospective. Over all I think is pretty good and helped me refresh my basic accounting skills. Definitely keep it as a reference book....
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