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Shradha Jain Abirami Kandasamy ORIE 4740 Project Proposal Cluster Analysis for Market Segmentation for Indian Bath Soaps The proposed commercial goal of our project analysis is to determine a target market for bath soaps which can be used to guide the advertising and promotional campaigns of soaps in the Indian market. The data set to be used is called BathSoap.xls from It includes information on demographic characteristics and purchasing habits of different brands of bath soaps in Indian households. We intend on using k-means clustering to segment the market based on a number of different variables/factors. Some variables we are thinking of using are purchase behavior factors such as price, selling proposition, brand loyalty, volume, frequency and susceptibility to discounts. Doing a cluster analysis with these variables will help us develop a perceptual map or a means of displaying in multiple dimensions the various market segments with regards to purchasing characteristics. These clusters will then be analyzed in terms of
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