Adderall Speech - T he baby boomer generation paved the way...

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The baby boomer generation paved the way for drug use and illicit behavior. They invented Woodstock, hippies, and communal living. The 70’s brought on the cocaine, queludes, and disco dance fever. Today, a new generation is born; the Rx generation. Our current group of peers makes up the veteran echelon of the Rx generation, compiling a youth group full of kids good and bad alike. The good kids are no different than your average high school teen; the thing is neither are the bad ones. Prescription pill abuse has riddled the lives of many teens struggling with mental disorders such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Doctor’s have been prescribing medications such as Riddlin, Adderall, and Daytrana to children with this disorder, only fueling an abuse and drug trafficking problem going on under the radar of parents and schools alike. I have been prescribed some of the medications of discussion, giving me a personal insight on the world of Rx drugs. An unabusable substitute needs to be released in order to eliminate those cases of abuse. Landmark pharmaceutical company, Shire, has developed a new, more effective, and virtually un-abusable drug to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Their new breakthrough, Vyvanse, is in the process of replacing Adderall, which profited about 2.5 billion dollars last year.
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Adderall Speech - T he baby boomer generation paved the way...

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