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Horror Final Paper - Austin Wynn Horror Paper October 7...

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Austin Wynn Horror Paper October 7, 2009 English 106 Freddy The illusion of dreams seem quite lucid and pleasant to some. To others they can be a dark world of death and deception. The nightmare begins with the combination of both, forming a murderous playground for the villain we know as Freddy Krueger . Freddy begins the film with a manhunt. The scene then switches to a young girl running down a dark alley . She is lunged at by Freddy and immediately sits up in her bed and screams . Freddy Krueger evokes such real fear by using the reality of dreams to his own desire . He proves to be the most realistic and gruesome villain of any modern day horror film. His use of reality distortion creates an image of himself within each victim, allowing them to think he’s real in dreams and out. Freddy Krueger is a true villain . He uses the imagination of others to thrive . Freddy’s lucid presence in the dreams of his victims creates a real fear, not only in the dream world, but in reality as well . The creators of this film did a great job in creating a real character . Not necessarily in the sense of literally reality of the character, but in the sense of the fear he would evoke . Freddy seems so real , because when dreaming the person sleeping is creating their own dream world . Freddy uses this to enter their minds and distort their thoughts . In the dreams, it seemed however that Freddy would be more powerful and the dreams more inescapable the more that his presence was believed . In other words, the more the person sleeping believed in Freddy’s existence and the more
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fear they have for him . I think the director did this to create a certain variable in the movie. This would create a different relationship between Freddy and each character he haunts in the movie. Freddy is a master of creating fear and can isolate and ostracize those that do fear him . Freddy haunts the dreams of unsuspecting young victims, and when they begin to ask for help or talk about the haunting to someone , they will be considered insane. This is shown in Freddy’s encounters with Nancy.
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Horror Final Paper - Austin Wynn Horror Paper October 7...

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