Pig lovers and pig haters analysis essay

Pig lovers and pig haters analysis essay - 1 Pig Lovers and...

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1 Pig Lovers and Pig Haters Name: Matthew Riverin Student #: 1205774 Class: ENGL 199 A2 Due Date: October 14, 2009 In 1974, a well-known anthropologist named Marvin Harris wrote a short essay called: “ Pig Lovers and Pig Haters” . Harris provides some insight as to why some cultures view the pig as a luxury meat, while other cultures like Jewish and Muslim condemn the consumption of pigs. This is well stated in his thesis as he:”… presents the challenge of having to explain why certain people should hate, while others love, the very same animal” (245). His essay is very logical and formal as it has an introduction (with a thesis), body paragraphs and a conclusion. The majority of his essay is split up into two parts: pig lovers and pig haters. In the first half he provides a few theories as to why some religions such as Jewish, Muslim and Christian view the pig as a dirty animal and as a result made pig-eating forbidden in those cultures. The second half looks at an example of pig lovers, by describing the rituals and traditions of the Maring. The Maring are a tribe located in the New Guinea and South Pacific islands. Harris depicts them as: “… the village-dwelling horticultural tribes of this region, swine are holy animals that must be sacrificed to the ancestors and eaten on all important occasions…”(Harris 245). In “Pig Lovers and Pig Haters” , Harris uses a wide array of literary techniques which help support his arguments and perspective. After a brief introduction, Harris details some points in history (in the Middle East) where the pig was viewed as a dirty animal by Jewish and Islamic cultures. Before the Renaissance he explains that the pig was seen as ‘dirty’ because: “… it wallows in its own urine and eats excrement”(246); however, he also says that other animals like: cows, dogs and chickens, which are viewed as ‘clean’ also behave similarly to pigs. Harris uses
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2 many contradictory comparisons throughout his essay and uses them very effectively to help the reader understand his point of view. Along with analogies he also uses a few
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Pig lovers and pig haters analysis essay - 1 Pig Lovers and...

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