Works Cited research essay - Works Cited Adler, Peter, and...

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Works Cited Adler, Peter, and Patricia A. Adler. "From Idealism To Pragmatic Detachment: The Academic Performance Of College Athletes.” Sociology of Education 58.4 (1985): 241-250. Education Research Complete . EBSCO. Web. 10 Nov. 2009. Abstract: Adler and Adler are sociology professors who share similar research interests like social psychology, qualitative methods, and the sociology of sport. They provide a microscopic view into a division I NCAA male basketball program throughout a 4 year span. This study claims that as the athletes began their academic careers, their grades were higher in their first year. As the years progress it shows a decline in grades among these athletes. The authors suggest that the athletes start off very idealistic but as they continue with their studies their interest declines more than when compared to a student who is not a sports program. The athletes have very large expectations and become overwhelmed with the demands of school and the intensity of the sports program. Many policies are also discussed like the regulation of time allotment for sports programs (set by the NCAA), which says that a student/athlete may not spend more than 4 hours per day with a minimum of 1 day off a week on sports. The NCAA suggests that this ‘should’ be enough time for a student to successfully complete school and attend practice and
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Works Cited research essay - Works Cited Adler, Peter, and...

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