The dream - Gatsby your party was the bees knees Thank you...

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“Gatsby your party was the bee’s knees” “Thank you Jordan. Well I guess it’s time to call it a night.” “Thanks for letting me sleep here.” “You’re very welcome. Gatsby turns towards Nick. Say ‘old sport’ I’ll see you in the morning. Are you going to sleep here or next door?” “I’m going home. I’ll just let myself out” Gatsby walks down his long corridor escorting Jordan to her bedroom. He shows her the bed and gives her some a new toothbrush and some toothpaste for the morning. He then walks back to his room to go to sleep. Gatsby falls asleep as Nick leaves the mansion. . . . Gatsby is back in a small town near Lake Superior. He is in an unfamiliar house yet he feels like he has lived there his whole life. He finds out he is late for work and takes off running towards the dock. He has his lunch and bait in his hand. Quickly he boards the Tuolomee . “Sorry I’m late Mr. Cody”. Gatsby looks for his boss Dan Cody, but does not see him. He peeks in the Captains cabin and finds an empty bottle of Gin. He assumes that Dan Cody got drunk again and passed out somewhere. Feeling confident Gatsby takes the wheel and sets sail in Lake Superior without the aid of Mr. Cody. The boat takes off like a speed boat heading way offshore. He puts his nets down trying to catch some Salmon. He looks up at the sky and sees hundreds of planes dog-fighting. He is not scarred by the airplanes and almost doesn’t even pay attention to them. Gatsby then pulls in his nets and only catches one fish. It is the largest salmon he has ever seen. Gatsby struggles as he picks up the fish which is almost the same size as him. As he holds it in
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The dream - Gatsby your party was the bees knees Thank you...

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