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chief boka - Borders Most of the Blacklands are surrounded...

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Aspects of the character Name Chief Boka Gender Male Age 68 years old Marital status Married for 52 years to his wife Mika. Occupation Chief of the island. Responsible for making all important decisions that must be made within the people that live on the island. Physical attributes He is old yet in good shape, has long grey hair and a long beard. He wears the traditional chief headdress and loin cloths. Mental attributes He is very wise. Has many leadership qualities. A very courageous and experienced hunter/fisherman. Greatest fear Fears the blacklands which is the large volcano and the surrounding area. Greatest desire Wants Tutu (God) to return and bring his people more pleasant food and gifts. Belief On the third moon of the new year, a large bird lays a wooden egg in the sky which falls on the island. Normal disposition Very observant yet usually keeps to himself. Aspects of place Name of the place The blacklands Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors Size of the place The blacklands are 2 km wide from East to West.
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Unformatted text preview: Borders Most of the Blacklands are surrounded by water. The S.W. part of the Blacklands is bordered by jungle. Temperature It is very hot due to cooling lava in the Blacklands. Humidity It is very humid on the island in general. Context This remote island is located roughly 1100 km East of the Marshall islands. The Blacklands are in the N.W. corner of the island. What is in the space? Not much vegitation or life in the Blacklands. This is where they find the egg of Tutu (God). How is the place used? The Blacklands are avoided at all costs. There is not much reason to go there. How many people are in the place There are 2 teams of 8 of the best hunters who meet in the Blacklands. This includes Chief Boka and his son Wali. Feeling/mood of the place It is a place that is feared. The mood is dark and sombre with a sense of death. Notable features of the place Mouth of the volcano is in the middle of the Blacklands where lava flows out of....
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