tutus egg 2 - (March 8, 1943) The remote island of Sorba...

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(March 8, 1943) The remote island of Sorba finds itself 1100 km East of the Marshall islands in the pacific. For centuries a group of people who inhabit the isolated island have lived a peaceful life which is cut-off from modern civilization as we know it.
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“Father! Father! I-“ “What is wrong my son?” “Did mother Maki tell you the news?” “No Wali. What is the matter?” “While my tribe and I were out hunting for boar, we saw something we have never seen before.” “What do you mean?” “Well, we saw what looked like a giant bird flying in the sky. An enormous bird which laid an while it was flying.” “Why would a bird lay an egg in the sky?” “I do not know father Boka, but this egg fell from the sky and we believe it landed in the Blacklands in the north.” Chief Boka reflected for 3 days about what to do with this mysterious egg that had landed on his island. He decided to split the hunting pack into 2 teams of 8 hunters. Chief Boka would lead one team and his son Wali would lead the other. The next morning Chief Boka and Wali gathered their hunters and set off for the 2 day journey through the thick jungle. They must cross the jungle in order to reach the Blacklands. Chief Boka scoured the East side of the Blacklands and Wali was assigned the West end.
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tutus egg 2 - (March 8, 1943) The remote island of Sorba...

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